Bootcamp Cardio Workout

Especially if you are designing your own workouts to do at home or in the gym, it can be challenging to create workouts that are balanced and creative-  Here’s a great little Bootcamp circuit, with more emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning for you to add into your routine!

Our Bootcamp classes in the studio feature eight stations, and we alternate weekly between strength and cardio based workouts.

Don’t have access to a TRX, Stability Ball or a BOSU? Not to worry! See below for modifications and alternatives that require no equipment. Make sure you warm up and cool down after your workout- enjoy!

BOOTCAMP: Cardio Focus

1 minute each exercise (with little to no rest in between each exercise) x3 rounds

Here’s a list of exercises with modifications, including how to do this workout without equipment.


If you don’t have access to a TRX, then you can modify by doing the same movement; to make it easier, you can take out the jump and stick with squats. You can also get creative and do small squat pulses, maybe adding in a jump after 5 pulses…sky’s the limit!


The arm and leg variations makes these crunches a little spicier, but you can always modify, particularly if you find yourself needing some neck support.


If the jumping aspect of this exercise is out of the question, then try performing a narrow stance squat, stand up, and then step out (versus jumping) to a wider stance, squat, stand, step in narrow and repeat, alternating sides each time.


If you don’t have access to a bench/step or want to make this a little easier, try doing the same move on a flat stable surface- it’s basically skipping in place! You can also eliminate the jump/hop completely and focus on the stand/knee drive while pumping your arms, which will help to elevate your heart rate.


If you have one and are psyched to re-live elementary school gym class then go for it! Otherwise get creative- jumping jacks, high knees, booty kicks…if jumping is out of the question, taking a no impact movement and adding on your arms will help to get your heart rate up. For example: stand and reach- from standing, bend and tap the floor with your hands, then stand and reach your arms up over head, and continue to repeat at a quick pace.


While maintaining a forearm plank position, roll the stability ball away from you a few inches, and then pull it back towards you. Continually think about lifting yourself up and off of the ball, not allowing your shoulder blades to collapse. A great modification is to simply hold a forearm plank; you can also work with your knees and toes down/pressing into the floor as a further modification.


Don’t have a medicine ball? Or need a little more hand stability? No problem, regular old burpees will do the trick! **Efficiency of movement tip: as you jump or step forward, step your feet wide, so you end up in a squat stance and are immediately ready to stand and press or reach up, and then come right back down.


Looks simple right?! If you don’t have a BOSU or need more stability, do the same exercise on a flat and stable surface.

Throughout your workout, keep your focus on quality not quantity. It is much more effective, especially in the long run, if you perform fewer repetitions correctly, rather than moving at a faster pace and losing your form. Transitioning quickly from one exercise to the next, will help keep your heart rate up, but if this interval style of training isn’t a part of your regular routine, you may need to work up to fast transitions. Rest and modify as needed, and never sacrifice form for speed!