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Private Class

Private coaching with me is a great option if you're looking to deepen your personal practice, are working with a physical limitation (such as an injury), have questions about postures and modifications, or simply want a more intimate experience.

This personalized session can help set you up for better success during a group class setting, empower you with the knowledge and confidence to create a home based practice and can be designed as a single session, or reoccurring depending on your desired outcome.

I offer private instruction for Mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre Fitness classes in person and via Zoom.

Private Class + Personal Training Rates

Private Fitness Class:
One person, scheduled individually

If you don't see a time that works for you on the schedule, don't worry! Just pick something so you can register and then we can change/confirm as needed.

$50 for 1 Session

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Personal + Small Group Training:
Up to 2 people (groups of 3+ are a different rate)

$320 for 8 Sessions
$180 for 4 Sessions
$50 for 1 Session

Personal + Small Group Training

small group fitness class doing wall ball squats
two women lifting heavy deadlifts in gym

Personal Training is a fantastic way to build functional strength in a safe and supportive environment. If you struggle to stay consistent with a workout routine or aren't really sure what to do at the gym, I can help, by designing a workout plan that realistically matches your lifestyle, schedule and goals.

These programs are uniquely designed for each individual or small group and meet 2-4 times per week. Workouts are divided into upper and lower body sessions and feature repeating movements and constantly varied accessory work. Utilizing progressive overload strength training techniques, we increase hypertrophy and neural efficiency and improve technique and mind body connection.

The beauty of personal training is that it is tailored to your needs. I can create a strength training program that includes your love of Pilates or yoga, or work with your physical therapist to help you recover from a hip replacement surgery. I can help you understand how your body works and moves and what exercises will give you the most benefit. I like to call these programs cross training for life!

two women lifting heavy deadlifts in gym

Client Testimonials

Here's What Folks Have to Say About Nicole

"Nicole is knowledgeable and more importantly CAPABLE in helping you at whatever level you are at. You can trust her guidance no matter what hitches are in your giddup. So many people have a history of injuries, so it's crucial to find a teacher who can meet you where you are at and patiently guide you through your journey of fitness. I highly recommend Nicole, she is absolutely lovely and a real gem all around."
Shelly B.

"Nicole is very experienced and has created an environment that helps people of all levels and backgrounds feel safe, comfortable and motivated. She is extremely knowledgable in functional movement so you can exercise in a sustainable way. Everything she teaches is fun, foundational and effective. Nicole is here to help you build strength, confidence and hope!"
Katy S.