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An essential part of becoming an empowered and impactful teacher, is having an inspirational guide of your own. Becoming a teacher is a humbling journey, and Nicole will help you reach your goals through support, accountability and encouragement.

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My mentorship program is an opportunity for yoga, barre fitness and mat Pilates instructors to fine tune their skills and deepen their knowledge of the disciplines, through personal study and experiential learning under the guidance of an experienced teacher, business owner and mentor. This 4-6-week program provides a unique experience in continuing education, that can be customized to meet your individual needs.

See class descriptions for details.

Mentorship Prerequisites:

  • Completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program
  • Completed a barre fitness certification program

Schedule: your program is designed for you, and can start at any time to coordinate with your goals and schedule, and the availability of your mentor.

Cost: $550 (split payment options are available upon request)

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Program Details

Yoga class in session - students stretching in seated position

The program has flexible hours & contains 5 components:

Initial Goal Setting Meeting: during this 2-hour meeting with Nicole, you will declare what skills you want to hone, what you hope to learn, and how you would like your teaching to develop over the course of the mentorship program. (2 hours)

Private Mentorship Sessions: you will meet with Nicole once a week for a discussion session. These hour-long meetings will be structured in accordance with your goals and objectives. (4 hours)

Class/Asana Practice: you are required to take at minimum, two classes per week for the duration of your training, and an unlimited membership is included in the cost of the program. You are encouraged to take classes at other studios to diversify your experience. (8 hours)

Class Observation: you are required to observe at minimum, two classes per week; you will have time for a brief discussion with your mentor after to class. During this connection, you will address any questions that may have arisen, discuss teaching techniques, sequencing, feedback, demonstration, etc. (8 hours)

Practice Teaching: for the duration of your program, you will have access to the studio to practice teaching on your own, when regular classes are not in session. Towards the end of the program, and when you are ready, you will have an opportunity to teach two full-length classes to your friends and/or family at the studio; you can choose to have one of these classes be a private lesson with your mentor. Nicole will observe your class/s and provide feedback after.

Yoga teacher standing with yoga students laying down in class
Yoga class in session - students stretching in seated position
Yoga teacher standing with yoga students laying down in class

Client Testimonials

Here's What Folks Have to Say About Nicole

"Classes are original, challenging, never boring and give you a great workout. Nicole gives excellent cues so you can self-correct making workouts safe, effective and fun. I look forward to her classes, I feel challenged and Nicole has enabled me to gain strength and confidence in my athletic abilities. I would highly recommend all of her classes!"
Jodi H.

"Nicole is talented and thoughtful in her approach to fitness. I've tried every class and loved them all. Her instruction is through and informative and I'm more knowledgable about my body and wellness than ever before. Barre is my favorite and a great starting point for new clients."
Beth C.

"Nicole’s barre classes are truly in a league of their own. Her classes are physically challenging but still accessible to all. Nicole’s instructions are precise and easy to follow, and by the end of class your entire body will have received an excellent workout. If you take a few classes per week, you'll see and feel dramatic changes in your body. All of this happens in a supportive, welcoming, non-competitive and encouraging environment. "
Linda S.